The Mars Society Bangladesh (MSB) is a non-profit space advocacy group dedicated to advancing the scientific research, development, and public perception of space research, especially human exploration and settlement of Mars.
The Mars Society Bangladesh (MSB) is Bangladesh’s official chapter of ‘The Mars Society,’ an international non-profit group committed to encouraging discovery and human settlement on Mars. It was founded in 1998 by aerospace engineer Dr. Robert Zubrin, and its board of directors includes notable figures such as Buzz Aldrin and Peter H. Smith.


For decades, students from various Bangladeshi universities have competed in the University Rover Challenge (URC). And some of our Rovers finished first in the URC final round. Our group was motivated by this tremendous success to step forward and ultimately developed Mars society in Bangladesh(MSB)
At the United States Embassy in Dhaka, a group of university students from the Engineering Students Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) held the inaugural meeting of the Bangladeshi branch of the Mars Society.
The United States Embassy hosted a reception to welcome the new international Mars Society chapter as well as three Bangladeshi student teams who competed in the Mars Society’s 2016 University Rover Challenge (URC), which was held at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah.
U.S. Ambassador Marcia Bernicat and Md. Arif Raihan Maahi, Executive Director of the ESAB Innovation Center and founder of Mars Society Bangladesh, invited the 40 students who took part in the URC to the meeting.

Our Mission:

To foster human beings’ dream of Martian Colonization and develop the required infrastructure to transform it into reality harnessing the utmost benefits of space science and technology.
  • Building a space dream for Bangladesh.
  • Working towards a strong capacity to cherish that dream.
  • Integration of Space Technology

What we do?

  • We collaborate with the local government in various projects, and also with national and international foundations to accelerate and materialize our mission.
  • Our organization also arranges seminars and competitions engaging local and international academics, researchers, engineers, and astronauts.
  • We also promote various space technologies developed by the local students.